EDIT: Beerscussion was a great success! We’re going to make this a monthly occurrence. Check out our the Facebook Beerscussion group page for upcoming events!

When I lived in Bowling Green, OH I had a most beautiful thing: a group of friends from diverse backgrounds who enjoyed getting together to discuss ideas over beer. While “diverse” in academia typically means getting together scientists from slightly different areas of the same field (ecologists AND evolutionary biologists?!), this group was ACTUALLY diverse. They gave me a new perspective on my research, and exposed me to ideas in other fields that I would not have heard about otherwise. I’d love to create a similar community in my new home (Santa Barbara, CA).

To this end, Zach and I have created BEERSCUSSION.

We hope to gather together members of the Santa Barbara academic (or industrial) community to discuss new ideas over beer (or soda, juice, water, etc). Our first meeting will be at Dargan’s Pub on Wednesday, February 23rd at 7:30PM. If it goes well and people are interested, we’ll make this a semi-regular thing.

One main rule: Come with an open, but critical mind. If someone’s background is in a field about which you’re not particularly impressed, suppress that bias. Provide constructive criticism, but give them a chance to convince you of the merit of their ideas.

RSVP on our facebook page, or in the comments if you’ll be able to make it. Zach’s orange hair is pretty noticeable (even though it’s been cut short recently), so look for Zach when you arrive.

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  2. PBJ Platypus

    Now… I would go, if I lived in the area… And had any sort of area of expertise besides Pokemon. =/ Nonetheless, I wish you all the best and hope that the ideas flung are sharpened and ground into dagger ideas!

  3. Ryan

    Holy shit – you’re in CA, and that’s the best beer selection you can come up with?! You’re in the land of Stone and Russian River – have some goddam pride!

    This message brought to you by a Consumptory Beerologist.

  4. Liese

    It makes me sad that I live so not-in-California now just because I can’t go to beerscussion. :C

  5. Dave Hassan

    I am also sad that I don’t live in SB anymore. When did you move there? I just graduated from UCSB in June but then I moved to NJ for grad school (stupid).

    • weinersmith

      We moved here in May. Where in NJ are you going to grad school?

      • Dave Hassan

        I’m at Rutgers. It’s cold, but the physics department is interesting.

        • weinersmith

          Neat! I was born in NJ and actually miss that area quite a bit.

  6. Ryan

    I live in SB, but certainly no academic. Still enjoy your comics though, keep up the good work!

    Dargan’s is pretty loud! You should definitely check out Hollister Brewing Co in Goleta.

  7. Dwayne Individual

    Go BGSU!

  8. Eric

    Hi Zach, long time reader here. I’ve lived in SB for almost 10 years, recently moved away (a month after you moved there, apparently), and I’ll be moving back there in a few months. So hopefully you do this again!

    • Eric

      Sorry, I just realized that the above was posted by “weinersmith”. No disrespect intended!

      (And I have a genetics and neuroscience and computer background, so how’s that for diversity?)

      • weinersmith

        That’s some great diversity! 🙂

  9. Cameron

    Yeah, like Ryan above, I recommend a different place for an actual discussion and actual beer. Excellent beer can be had on tap at Telegraph, Santa Barbara Brew Co, Hollister, Brew House, Union Ale, or in bottles at the funkier and delightfully TV-less Elsie’s and the Mercury Lounge.

  10. Mr. Wx

    I just have to let you know that in the summer my wife and I were walking on State St. (actually crossing the street at Joe’s near Dargan’s) and I could have SWORN I saw you, and said to her, “that guy there looks like Zach Weiner, someone who is internet famous.” Lo and behold.

    I’m actually (for the time being) a grad student in Religious Studies at UCSB. Decidedly not mathy/sciencey (sciency?).

    • weinersmith

      As long as you study something, we’d love to have you! We’d like to be broader than just math & science!

      Also, this isn’t Zach’s blog. I’ll pass your message onto Zach though. 😉

    • Mr. Wx

      In my excitement, I make the very same mistake as Eric above, which was called to my attention by my very attentive wife. Sincere apologies 😉

      Also, the Merc would be my recommendation (in Old Town Goleta).

      • weinersmith

        Not a problem. 😉 Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check out the recommended places and likely update the meeting location sometime tonight.

  11. Alden

    I’m not on Facebook so I’m RSVPing here… might bring along some chums as well!

    • weinersmith


  12. Mike

    Dargan’s is the place if you’re going for an Inklings vibe, but definitely check out the Mercury Lounge in Goleta and Elsie’s, also downtown. Great beer selections and vibes.

  13. Sunny

    Wow, I really wish I still lived in CA now. I grew up in Isla Vista, but moved away before I was old enough to experience the joys of State Street, so I have no recommendations. I’d love to live vicariously though these posts though!

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